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Commercial Rooftop Units

Commercial rooftop units are flexible, provided with dedicated vertical or horizontal supply/return configurations to allow easy utilization on replacement jobs or new construction applications. The rooftop units may be configured to precisely match the building requirements through the use of factory-installed options such as: economizer’s, power exhaust, Humidi-MiZer® adaptive dehumidification system, premium efficiency indoor fan motors and coil protection options.


Commercial rooftop units save money in operating costs through a variety of means. These units utilize Novation® heat exchanger technology for improved operating efficiency. The staging of Weather Series units equipped with scroll compressors allows the capacity of the unit to be precisely matched to the cooling/heating requirements of the building. Variable-frequency drive (VFD)-controlled high efficiency indoor fan motors conserve energy while providing the airflow requirements for superior temperature control. These energy efficiency features insure that you maximize the value of your energy expenditures.

Indoor Air Quality

JMT Mechanical offers rooftop unit’s with indoor air quality options including: double wall construction with Agion® coating, economizer control via outdoor air temperature, enthalpy, or CO2, sloped condensate drain pans available in stainless steel, gear-driven economizers capable of handling 100 percent outdoor air, demand control ventilation (DCV), and high-efficiency filtration systems. Serviceability Weather Series large rooftop units are designed with low life cycle costs in mind. A key component of life cycle cost is installation and service. Carrier rooftop units excel in this area by providing: single point electrical connections — making electrical service access available through the roof curb or the side of the unit — large-sized hinged access panels and built-in diagnostic routines.

Commercial Rooftop Units
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Commercial Rooftop Units

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