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Commercial Chillers

Commercial chillers are the big versions of residential air conditioners, in a sense. A chiller works by removing heat energy from a liquid medium referred to as refrigerant, usually water. The chiller chills the water (liquid medium). The chilled water is then pumped in a close loop throughout the commercial building to numerous air handlers with chill water coils. The chilled water removes the heat from the space and returns to the chiller to be chilled again. Chillers are the most economical way to conditions large commercial buildings. Chillers come in Air Cooled or Water Cooled styles. Air Cooled refers to rejecting heat with condenser fans, Water Cooled refers to rejecting heat by means of a cooling tower. Compressors used in Chillers can be, Scroll, Reciprocating, Screw or Centrifugal.

Chiller Replacements

Temperature, humidity, and ventilation are all dependent on Chiller operation. However, Chillers do not last forever and overtime can become inefficient and outdated. When its time to replace your Chiller give us a call 713.474.5853. JMT Mechanical will assess your specific business needs, and recommend the ideal chiller for your facility. We have access to a broad array of equipment enabling you to meet or exceed environmental requirements.

Chiller Planned Maintenance

Chillers should be checked year round. Planned Maintenance is crucial for optimum performance. In summer when chillers run at full load, or in winter when chillers run partly loaded, it is imperative that a qualified technician put his hands on this equipment at least quarterly if not bi-monthly. For example, refrigerant levels must be checked under full and part load conditions, linkages should move freely, overload should be set correctly, contacts should be corrosion free, safeties and controls should work, oil samples analyzed… and the list goes on. JMT Mechanical offers cost effective maintenance plans for your commercial and industrial equipment.

Chiller Repair Service

Knowledgeable JMT Mechanical technicians will troubleshoot your equipment and look beyond the immediate failure to identify weaknesses or potential areas of unreliability. You’ll receive chiller repair services based on our extensive experience in the Houston commercial and industrial industries.

Commercial Chillers
Commercial Chillers
JMT Mechanical
Commercial Chillers

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