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Commercial Air Handling Units

Air Handlers do what they imply, handle the air. It is the air handler’s responsibility to efficiently move & condition the building air. Air Handlers typically have a refrigerant coil or chill water coil in them as well as a motor, blower wheel and filter rack; all must be properly maintained for optimum performance. Most commercial applications require a series of air handlers to distribute conditioned air to multiple spots. One big air handler can not service multiple areas as efficient as many smaller handlers could. Newer commercial HVAC and industrial systems yield the latest technological advances in electronic controls and air management for individualized temperature and comfort selections. The result: quite, smooth operation and highest possible efficiency under all operating conditions.

Replacing Commercial AHU’s

Incorporating the right air handling products into a HVAC system is a critical part of creating a high-performing, efficient system. However, as time passes numerous Air Handlers go without proper maintenance due to location and/or accessibility. Air Handlers tend to get overlooked until they fail. When it’s time to replace your Commercial Air Handler give JMT Mechanical a call 713.474.5853. Removing and replacing a air handling unit can be an effective way to regain efficiency and control of the air in your space.

Commercial AHU’s

Commercial Air Handlers provide advanced technology and custom features. Indoor and outdoor units are available to handle a wide variety of applications. Units can be equipped with HEPA filters, stainless steel quad-sloped drain pans, AgION™ antimicrobial coating and other options.

Available fan options include forward-curved, airfoil, and plenum fans for extra quiet operation. Factory-installed controls maintain airflow and ventilation requirements while helping to prevent coil freeze-up, excessive humidity and poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

JMT Mechanical is the Answer

Commercial and Industrial HVAC requires extensive knowledge and experience. There’s no room for getting it wrong. Small problems can equal major problems and/or large impacts on monthly operating costs. JMT Mechanical is a leading Houston area commercial HVAC contractor. You can rely on us to deliver the preventive maintenance, repair, retrofit and replacement services you require.

Commercial Air Handling Units
Commercial Air Handling Units
JMT Mechanical
Commercial Air Handling Units

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