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Boilers are used with hydronic furnaces and radiant heating systems. Traditional hot water heaters store a tank full of hot water to be used by plumbing fixtures in the home such as sinks, showers, etc. Water heaters fill a tank of water and keep it heated at around 125° 24 hours a day. When water is used, cold water is added to the bottom of the tank, and the water is heated again.

How is a Boiler Different?

A boiler doesn’t just heat water, but actually boils it to produce steam. Why? Because steam is a great way to transfer heat energy, whether it be for a hydronic furnace or radiant heating system. Steam can also be used to heat water for typical applications in a home. But the primary reason for a boiler over a water heater is for heating the home, not the water used in the home.

Boiler Efficiency

Boilers work as a closed loop system. This means that once heat energy is extracted from the steam, the remaining water is reheated. Since it is still pretty hot, it doesn’t require a lot of energy to boil again. This makes them very energy efficient.

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